Walden kayaks?

i’m looking to buy my first kayak in the spring. i know little about them. i was at an EMS looking around the other day, and the salesman showed me a Walden Scout. i like that they’re made in MASS and from recycled materials. that said, are they quality boats?

i’m planning on taking it on trips on rivers, lakes, etc etc. no ocean or whitewater business

Fine Rec Boats

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the plastic seems sturdier than most. Unless, you're really big or want a real sturdy platform for photo taking or fishing, check out the Vista. I've always thought the Vista is a nifty boat that straddles rec and day light touring status well.


PS. I am biased. I like that it's recycled plastic and that it's made in MA. :)

wherever they’re made…
…it does seem like good plastic. Sunlight actually penetrates some plastic boats but not Walden’s…it kinda has flecks in the color and just seems stronger than most.

walden vista
I absolutely love my walden vista! I fish and take pictures from it all the time, and I am a pretty big guy (220lbs) That said, it is also my first and only kayak to date, so I really can’t compare it with much else. As previously mentioned, it is very sturdy and durable, I love that it is recycled and the price is great too.

Happy paddling

walden scout
Have scout which has done outstanding duty ranging from quite rivers to the finger lakes to several places in class 2= 3s that manufacturer would wince at, deals with rock gardens and drops as well as quit water. Some times it feels heavy particularly at end of trip and is so stable that it allows bad babits that will bite you when you move to the next boat and there is almost always a next boat pick up seat pad at same time hard plastic hurts after 12 miles so long trips need an edge or as thr case a way to take off edge

My first boat was a Passage
I found it to be a very capable boat that worked well in a variety of conditions. It got me started paddling flat water and made the transition to sea kayaking just fine. I even learned to roll in it. Overall, it’s a good boat for the money, if it suits your needs.

As others have said, the Vista is a slick little boat. It performs much better than most boats its size, due to its narrower beam and longer waterline.

On the other hand, I think you’ll find the Scout and other similar boats to be very limiting. They’re wide and stable, but very slow. It’s difficult to develop any real paddling skills in such a boat. If you have the option, it would probably be cheaper in the long run to get a better boat at the start, since you’ll almost definitely be upgrading in short order if you get a Scout.

Are we talking about the same Walden Vista? I demo’d one in the spring, and it was the tippiest boat I’d ever been in. I was cranking straight ahead, then dug my paddle in for a quick stop/turn, and nearly tipped over. I thought it was just the thin-ness of it, but I’ve tried other thin boats and haven’t had the same problem.

Not that this makes it a bad boat, and I’m sure you can adjust to compensate for this, but it’s not what I’d consider optimal for extracurricular activities.

the scout
is designed as a fishing/hunting platform. If thats what you want a kayak for primarily great. I’ve no experience with the Waldens but have heard from friends who have them they are fine, well made and thought out rec class boats. If dollars are in short supply, and a rec boat is what you are looking for check with some dealers who take trades. they probably have a good supply of used but serviceable rec boats, will likely let you try a few before you buy. Also post on various bulliten boards ( MVP, NEPB< etc)