Walden Nalu

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Anyone seen or ever paddled a Walden Nalu? There is one fairly close to me for cheap, never used. It looks interesting, described as a poly outrigger canoe, 20" beam with an outrigger on the side, 15'6" in length. The few pictures I've seen show it being paddled with a canoe paddle. Might be a good boat for a smooth cruise on the lake? Or certain types of surfing?

I tested one
They are a barrel of monkeys! I think it would surf well too, but I tested it on flat water. They were $695 nes and a bargain. I weighed 240 at the time I paddled it but I could still turn it pretty easily. It was fast and stable as well. I actually stood up in it at one point.

I wish I could find one for sale around here.

Thank you…
Thats the kind of response I was looking for. This one is only being sold for 400, and I’m debating about whether to buy. I had a Cobra Expedition for a while and would like to buy another, but they aren’t cheap new and are hard to find used. I thought this might fill the gap and looks like it might be more stable as well. Did you use a canoe paddle to propel it ?

You paddle it with a single blade. Do they have any more for sale?

This is the only one
for sale. My impression is that its been sitting a long time because its so way out looking and people don’t know much about it. I think I may have seen it there last year and the year before that as well, but I’m pretty sure its never been used and is in new condition. Anything else you can tell me about how it paddles and handles will be appreciated. I wonder if it comes apart for storage, I really didn’t look close enough…

got one!
I picked one up about 2 years ago and it is a hoot. It is definitely designed to be paddled with a single blade, though the person I bought it from said they had used a kayak paddle. I experimented with that just for kicks and found that even with a short paddle I tended to hit the cross bars. I primarily canoe anyway so that didn’t bother me a bit. The boat is fast, I can easily keep up with sea kayaks, though I would say it is not as easy to turn as my sea kayak - leaning for turns is not really an option. I don’t have a lot of time in windy conditions to describe this perfectly, but I had a harder time keeping it on course with “quartering seas”. Also, this is very stable, lending a lot of confidence in rough conditions.

Though I’m not much of a beach surfer, I did have fun surfing it. Being fast, you can catch swells you’d miss in a short boat, but you aren’t going to cut back and forth or easily turn off the wave like you would in a short boat either. I got particularly nervous about damaging the boat in steep dumping waves near shore (getting sideways is easy to avoid though).

Now for the downsides -

  1. mine did not come with footpegs - you’ll want those. I had to make a set
  2. I thought it might be a canoe version of my sea kayak, maybe even replace it - not quite - it is a wet ride and will be cold in winter paddling. Also, at my weight (200#) the rear hatch is frequently awash and it is not very water tight.
  3. it is awkward to carry

    All in all, I love mine. There is a shop on Edisto Island SC that had two last time I was in there.


Thanks for the info
I knew with such a broad base as this site, someone might own one. I haven’t taken a close enough look at the one for sale, just have seen it listed. Do you know if it comes apart for transport and storage? I’m 205 and the weight capacity I believe is 275 - I guess I’ll be ok?



It does come apart for transport. The aluminum cross members are connected to hull and outrigger with SS bolts. Mine are carriage bolts with wing nuts run up to the top - nopt sure if that is factory original or not. I coated the ends with “Tool Dip”. Its only a little more to tote than a sea kayak.