Walden Odyessy 13' 2"

I’ve read the reviews in the review section on this kayak. Anyone else care to chime in, either pro or con?



No longer made, right? Are you sure
you want to consider a so-so boat that hasn’t been made since about 2000?

Walden Odyssey
In answer to ezwater, I wanted to consider just about everything out there and see what peoples opinions were. I looked at the Walden today and the cockpit area is too small for me, so I passed on it and bought something else.

Being new to kayaking I didn’t want to invest a large chunk of change in something that I may not like, or remain that interested in.

Age wasn’t overly important, I have a 42 year old motorcycle that I ride often and I don’t worry about it anymore than I do the newer vehicles we have. YMMV.


Yeah, and I have a 34 year old Noah
Magma that will run rings around any rec kayak ever made, but you would find paddling it a bit scary.

My BMW R75/6 would stand up nicely to today’s machines, but my R60 US would, realistically, be a clumsy antique today.

Old stuff
The one I was referring to is an 850 Eldorado. My BMW and Harley days are over. :>)

That said, I bought a Necky Santa Cruze and we’ll have to see how it goes.