Walden Passage

I found a Walden Passage 15 foot boat for sale used.

I read that they make them from recycled plastics.

This one has a skeg and “normal wear” on the bottom. At 300 dollars I was wondering if I should consider it.

Unfortunately the CD Squall was sold a day before I planned to look at it. Pretty depressed about that, because it seemed to be a quality boat real cheap…hardly used with a rudder.

Oh well.

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not a bad deal
There are quite a few reviews of the boat on here by owners that would cue you in to performance and hardware issues. Still, for $300 it would not be a bad entry level touring boat if it fits you all right. It’s a boat for a big guy, so if you are under 6’ and 225# it may not be a good option.


It’s not a bad boat and for that price could be worthwhile if it is in decent shape (not oil-canned or with serious hull damage). Walden kayaks went out of business in 2005 so this is an older boat. The biggest drawback to the Waldens is that they are comparably heavy for their length – I think this one is close to 60 pounds – and they have kind of funky hardware (like the footpegs). At 24" wide it’s reasonably sleek and has dual bulkheads and the skeg (check to see that the skeg operates and the hatch covers work).

My first boat was a Passage
It was great for introducing me to sea kayaking, though I ultimately sold it and moved on to longer, narrower boats. The Passage is a good general purpose boat, short enough to maneuver easily in streams and marshes, but long and narrow enough to work OK on the ocean. I think I have a review of the boat on here.

BTW, I’m 6’, 175# and it worked fine for me.