Walden plastic

how does the strenghth of a walden plastic kayak compare to a norm. poly boat like dagger or perc.

Have looked
at em. From just in store viewing I would say thw Walden is stronger or as strong as my Perception or my buddies Wilderness boats.

I owned a Passage…
…and the plastic was plenty stiff and rugged. It’s better than what you find in a lot of boats.

I’ve had the …
Walden “Experience” for about 4 years now and it is starting to crack inside right down the middle. It has always been stored indoors on its side. I would not buy another.

Wow! Have you contacted Walden?
I’ve been abusing a Scout for two years now and it takes it quite well.

At 175-180#'s, I’ve danced on the bow to show off it’s strength.

After 4 years…
…I just figured they would tell me I’m on my own - but I should contact them. The Waldens are made up of a few layers of plastic and the crack is in the inside layer.

Call them and let them know. Maybe you’ll be making them aware of a problem they didn’t know existed. Maybe they’ll try to make things right. It’s worth a call. Hated to hear about your problem. So far I’m happy with my Walden product. Maybe I should abuse it a little less. I’ll take heed based on your experience.

Don’t know
how they compare to other boats, as I am fairly new to kayaking, but I go in at 230 lbs and am currently paddling a walden vista and haven’t noticed any problems. The rear deck does flex just a bit when I am getting out of the yak, but so would most things if you supported my weight on them.