Walden Skirts

Some of you guys have mentioned that the Walden Vista neoprene skirt fits a bit baggy and that Harmony skirts are a better fit. How is the fit of Walden nylon skirts though?

Well I’m on the Walden Vista topic, anyone have any leads for finding a Vista bulkhead hatch kit upgrade kit?

P.S. I know Walden went under.

Walden skirts
A couple of years ago I had a Walden Vista Exp. I got the nylon skirt designated for the Vista from Walden. It fit well, was comfortable, and I was satisfied.

It certainly won’t give you the waterproof seal of neoprene, but unless you plan to do a lot of rolling, or heavy stuff (not recommended for the Vista), it should be fine.


How hot is the nylon compared to the neoprene for summer use?

The neoprene and nylon are supposed to have the same rubber rand to attach on the coaming. True?

Concerned about heat?
If you are concerned about summer heat why not get a breathable skirt? Seals makes a nice one (tropical tour) which fits the Vista. I use one of these during warm season paddling and a neoprene skirt in winter and for rolling practice in the pool.



I will have to look at these skirts. Which kind of neoprene skirt do you use on the Vista?

Is there anything better than the Walden Nylon skirt for $50?

not sure
if it’s better, having never used a walden skirt before, but I found a nylon skirt made for an old town OT sport @ gander mountain that fits perfectly on my vista Price 30.00

any idea for making the coaming on a vista hold a skirt more securely?

making the coaming better
Someone on here mentioned to take a wire brush on a drill to rough up the coaming so that the skirt will grip better.

Still shopping for a skirt… Anyone have advice?