Walden Spirit Help!

We bought a gently used Walden Spirit kayak and can’t for the life of us figure out how to attach the seats. There’s a “track” in the bottom and it appears that the seats are supposed to slide into them, but we haven’t had any luck doing so. Anyone have any advice?

I’d like to mainly paddle it alone, with my 2 year old daughter riding along with me. Sometimes we’ll paddle as a family of 3, and sometimes my husband will paddle with our daughter or solo, if it’s just the two of us. (I really like my solo kayaks.) The modular seats were a huge selling point for us and there must be a way to make them work!


This is not my kayak (it’s at camp and I’m not), but it’s what mine looks like regarding the “track” and seats.


A guess.
Perhaps you’re looking for a lock-in arrangement that doesn’t exist?

Strictly judging from the images: it appears to me that you simply place the seats from straight above down into the slots provided. Gravity and / or the weight of the person sitting in the seat will hold the seat down as long as the boat is not upside-down or near upside-down. If the seats float, no big deal if they fall out in the event of a capsize.