walden vision kayak


I have a chance to buy a Walden Vision kayak from a neighbor. He doesn't know what it's worth and asked me to name a fair price. What would be a good price range for a kayak like this.


Depends on condition
I think the Vision is Walden’s early thermoformed kayak, and I don’t think they have made it in years. So I’m guessing the boat is at least six years old, maybe more. If it has always been stored out of the sun, it might still be in great shape. If not, it could be brittle. A friend of mine was paddling a Vision until last year, and while she loved the boat, in the seam that held the hull and deck together was coming apart, the boat leaked slowly, and she was holding it together with glue, screws and wire.

If the boat was in like new condition, I might pay $200-250 for it. The price goes down from there.(I purchased a brand new Walden Vista–a similar boat but rotomolded–for under $400 a few years ago.)

I definitely would not buy it without paddling it, checking for leaks, and looking it over carefully. It could be near the end of its useful life.

walden vision kayak
thank you for the info