walden visions kayak

Bought a used “walden visions” kayak - plate on it says “Walden Paddlers”

does anyone know what it is made of?

looks like fiberglass yellow top and white bottom

has a hole in front and want to repair it



not 100%
…sure but I know a bit about them. They were based in MA but went under some 6-7 years back. Most of their boats were made from recycled pvc ( i.e. soda bottles) and were marketed towards teh rec market. The recycled thing was their claim to fame. I believe they did make a few light weight glass versions but am not 100%. If it’s two tone in color, I’m guessing glass but can’t be 100% without pics and/or more info.

Some of their older boats…
…were made of a material more like Royalex. IIRC, they typically had different colors on the hull and deck. If the boat is all one color, it’s probably polyethylene. There is one simple test. Dab a cloth in lacquer thinner and wipe a small spot in a place that won’t show. If the surface gets sticky, it’s the older material. If it has no effect, even when rubbed aggressively, it’s poly’.