Walker canoe

Does anybody know anything about a “Walker lake” canoe? There is one for sale and the seller says it is a Walker Lake Canoe. Length is 18 but it sure does look like a sawyer with the fin in the back, not much else info on it. I assume Walker is the brand and Lake is the model.

Not Walker it’s a Sawyer
Ok so the guy selling the walker says he was ordering a walker muffler before he answered my email and had walker in his head. The canoe is in fact a Sawyer. I am getting more pictures sent to me. In the first pic it does look like a Champion, I am hoping it is, He also said that there is some damage on the side from some falling ice and snow during storage. Im wondering if it is worth the 180 mile drive to pick it up for under $500. Any advice?

If the damage is “significant,” then
the price might need to be farther under $500.

It depends on how much you want that particular boat, and how soon you want to be on the water. Also hinges on your repair skills and materials. I suggest keeping hold of your enthusiasm.

Well he says it is seaworthy but haven’t used in a couple years. The price is $250 so I think it is worth it even with some damage which was repaired, but not professionally. I need to work on my own repair skills anyway. All in need to do is break it to the wife that I need a third Sawyer. I recently picked up a goldenglass Outrage to add to my Shockwave. I just had her out in the Outrage and she liked it.