Wall brackets for canoe storage

Looking for some shelving-style brackets to store a canoe on indoors. Best I am coming up with are brackets designed for A/C condensers, which are available at 36"+ deep and rated for 600lbs.

Any better ideas? I maybe could build something out of unistrut or weld up some angle iron, but at $60 for a pair, these are already good to go.

I haven’t done a ton of shopping so there may be a less expensive equivalent available.

They are pricy but work real good.

They do look nice, but aren’t deep enough for most canoes. My current canoe is 36" at its widest and with the center of the webbing on that somewhere around 14-15", the center of the boat would hit the wall. My next could be under 30", but might be as wide as 39"

Google " canoe wall brackets storage" and you will come up with dozens of wall hanger brackets starting at around $20. Many are designed to hang the canoe by the gunnel to minimize the space that they take up. Some are wide enough so that you can store the canoe on it’s side. Not many are designed to store something like a full sized canoe flat that are reasonably priced. It would be easy to construct something out of padded 2x4s though.

Not really concerned about cost, just looking for recommendations based on experience.

I don’t have the time or desire to make something right now, but want to get my canoe indoors.

Check out this

Screenshot 2020-09-30 172028 .

Would probably want to pad the cross arms.36" arms swing up when not in use. Rated at 110 lb. capacity and for canoes up to 40" beam.

Thanks, I saw those but missed that they fold up. That might be the ticket

Those folding brackets are what I’ve been using with canoes 30" to 34" wide. A canoe 40" wide would be pushing it but could work. I have two sets of brackets, one over the other, like bunk beds. I use sections of plastic shipping tube to pad the arms and pieces of closed-cell foam to pad the ends, as they’re easy to bang your head against.


If you have room in your garage, as I do; some small pieces of 2"X 4", and 1"X 4", and a box of 3" deck screws will do the job quite well.
I didn’t even buy any lumber. I scouted out new constuction sites, and asked if I could take lumber off the scrap piles they were gonna burn. Told me I could take all of it if I wanted too.

A visit to 3 different sites, and I had more 2 X 4s and 1 X 4s than I needed, but I loaded up every nice piece I found to use for future projects.

So total cost was a box of deck screws, and sweat equity, for 3 overhead racks, and 9 wall racks. Oh yeah! The straps I used on the overhead racks; retired NRS straps.

Photos give a fair idea of the finished project.
Our 2 car garage is large enough for a pickup truck, a car, 2 motorcycles, all our camping gear, and 11 canoes. It is NOT an oversized 2 car garage.

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I have brackets very similar to that outside for a couple canoes but my garage is incredibly tight as is, so I want something much lower profile. My ceiling is only about 7’…and I am 6’5"

You don’t have to worry about rain in a garage. Can you hang the boat under the wall brackets instead of resting it on top of them? That way you only need brackets that reach halfway. Another option is hanging from the ceiling. I’ve done both with kayaks.

I want to be able to carry it into the garage and place it on the brackets. Hanging it will make that harder and with how low the ceilings are, hanging offers no advantage, from what I can see

I’ve had thee for ~20 years. Still as good as the day I bought them – 3 houses later.

3 of which?

Sorry! These from Spring Creek…

I know they’re pricey but I’ve got more than my money back from these. They fold up out of the way when not in use and are wide enough for my Mad River, and 3 Old Towns through the years.

Thanks. I am thinking that I will likely be ordering a pair or two

I use lag bolts sunk directly in to studs to attach them. Plenty sturdy!

I just hung curved brackets (from Lowe’s) in my new steel framed garage/boat house for hanging kayaks and was thinking some fold-down flat brackets for the canoe would be nice as well. I did some web searching and found these sets of 4 locking steel 90 degree hinged fittings (made for tables and bunk beds so they have a much higher weight rating than one would ever need for boats) that I think could be used to make fold-down brackets. I just ordered a set to use two to make a fold down table in my motorhome. The other two I hope to use for the canoe rack. Another option I’m considering for the garage is perforated UniStrut and fittings, which are like an Erector Set for grownups. If you have a commercial construction contractor supplier in town they should stock them. All kinds of bolt together fittings in all sorts of configurations for making steel racks and shelves.


Hang it from the ceiling with rope. Divide your length by 4 and space accordingly. Canoes only weigh between 45 & 80 lbs. so the maximum on any attachment point is less than 20 lbs.

Weight isn’t the concern, ceiling height is. My ceilings are 7’. Why go through the trouble to put slings on and hoist it up when I can simply place it on a couple shelf brackets?