wall mount storage

I’d like to mount two kayaks on cinderblock wall, one above the other, in my basement. What brand kayak mount would you suggest (or what would I need to make a mount myself?)? thanks!

I would make them myself
mainly because I enjoy making stuff.

jack L

The cheapest alternative I’ve found
is a pair of brackets from Home Cheapo. They are round metal, in a kind of ‘J’ shape, grey with foam on them curved part. They were something like $6 each. I’ve used them on a fence for exterior storage under a tarp, and will be installing a pair on the wall of a friends condo for her to store a boat or two.

cinderblock installation
You can use any type of mounting on cinderblock that you would use on a wood-stud wall. You’ll need inserts that are made for use in cinderblock, and you’ll need a drill with the appropriately sized masonry bit. Both can be bought at any hardware store. Just ask.

Basically you drill a hole in the block, insert the anchor into the hole, and then put a screw through the rack, and into the anchor.

Yep, that is what I got…
Works great & mobile… Change your room & just take these off & re-set elsewhere.

Paddle easy,


Cheap and effective. Makes one wonder how the specialty bracket makers do so well.

wall brackets
The only improvement I would suggest would be to substitute some pool noodle instead of the thin 1/4" foam that comes on the brackets. Cushy.