Can anyone out there provede me with the name address & Phone no. of the lady who owns the shop, on the west side of Lake Wallenpaupack in the Pocono’s. I don’t know if she sells yak’s,but she supposidly rents and teaches.

In 2004 I am going to learn a propper roll and give up on my lucky roll.I’m tired of swimming!!!


are you talking about kayak jane? can you narrow it down a little?

Could be.

The name sounds familiar.I have a cabin not far from the lake,but I haven’t been able to find the time to go look for it.I saw the ad in one of the local tourist newspapers. The shop supposedly has small paddling classes or one on one sessions.

All links not working
I’m not sure of her current status. All the links I have are no longer working. Here’s her address.

Kayak Jane

Route 507

Lake Wallenpaupack, PA 18426

The route number sounds familiar.



Phone number
I have a biz card from a year ago, her # is 570-857-1577