Walleye fishing from canoe

I recently started fishing an area of the resevoir I paddle and fish for bass, this area has been stocked with walleye for a few years now.

the depth by the dam is about 90 feet. I’ve yet to catch one, but other fisherman in same area have. What should I be using or doing? I been using live baits and jigs.

What is the weather like? Good walleye fishing weather is bad paddling weather. Walleye are more likely to hit when there is some wind and chop on the water.

A fish finder is helpful too, given how deep they like to stay.

Minnows are great for walleye. This year, I did quite well with white and white/pink plastic grubs with white and white/pink jigs.

Good luck!

deep and fast
We used to hit them hard trolling fast and just off the bottom. Not good for a yak.

They do like the bite in choppy weather.

I have caught walleye in deep water using live bait, and or trolling with crankbaits in deeper water in late June. But, I too have caught them on gitzits in 6 feet of water on a sunny day in May. A lot depends on what time of year you are fishing, and where the walleye are at that time. Bruce

Try to find some reefs or humps at various depths. figure minnows in the spring and fall, leeches and crawlers in the summer- sometimes just a jig, sometimes a worm harness adds some flash. I like drift jigging- you set up windward of the reef, drift over with your jig hitting bottom, once you clear the reef, start over. If no luck on a reef or a depth, keep moving. Low light is usually better but have caught walleye at all hours of the day. You do seem to do better with some waves or chop, which can be a bear in a canoe. If the fish are not deep, try shallow. One time a guy pulled in 30 walleye in 3 feet of water in bright light. Go figure. You might need to try bobbers when shallow. Bass fight a lot more than most walleye.