Walleye Woes

I’m looking for some information that will improve my success with fishing in the boundary waters. I usually go in mid to late August around the Gaskin-Winchell area. Any good tips on how to catch late summer walleye. Also, I’m also looking for some detailed maps for my gps, anyone heard of downloadable BWCA topos’ for a Magellan



Try leeches
We always bring in a pound of leeches that time of year and fish the drop offs. We either jig them or drift them behind a lindy rig.

Walleye on the reefs
Most people find walleye fishing to become more difficult as the season progresses. You will have sucess if you understand their patterns. One work will solve you problems…Reefs. During August walleyes are in their summer pattern and will be concetrated on mid lake reefs and humps. Located them and I am positive you will find eye. Use 1/8-1/4 (heavier if needed for wind) jigs tipped with leeches or 1/2 of a crawler. Twister tails and tubes also work well as do Lindy Rigs. In the evening slip bobbers work well. also, you can try running crank baits. hope that helps.

+++Mid-Lake Structure +++
MooseTracks is on the money. Follow his advice and the cards are stacked in your favor.


good suggestions posted so far
Magellan has come out with fishing hot spots lake maps but only if your gps takes data cards. I got a Magellan Sportrak pro because they told me they were going to come out with the fishing hot spots by the next spring- took 3 years and don’t work for my gps.


go to the link above and check out the lakes you will be fishing. I am going to be on a lake on my trip in June which has a lot of structure. Another fisherman has told me a hot reef and the lake map is going to help me find that reef. I agree with the leeches in August- you might also bring along some crawlers packed in moss- seems to really help them but if the temps are going to be up there it might be hard to keep the crawlers. I have never had luck with yellow jigs and yellow twister tails but a lot of fishermen swear by them. Gulp! seemed to work well for our group last year- might be an alternative to live bait.

the eyes have it
best chance will be at low light conditions. night will be best close to shore. day will be much more difficult unless it is very overcast, the eyes will be deep and dark durring high light times. try a cast net for forage fish late in the day and keep them fresh, then hook and cast without weoght at dusk and later to likley shore structure…good luck .jeff