Wallkill River Tire Pull 2018

Simple and as short as I can, the Wallkill River is a heavily impacted river with multiple human influences and we are pushing for a safe, clean, swimmable, fishable river. Last year the Wallkill River Watershed Alliance hosted a Tire Pull in an effort to affect a change we can control directly. We were very successful pulling 97 tires from the river. Sadly, we were at a location where there are still more tires, possibly 100+ and we’re returning again this year on July 14th to remove as many as we can. On the scope of an entire watershed, this is a small gesture considering we have seen many, many tires in multiple places along the 88 miles of our river.

Our event registration is hosted at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tire-pull-tickets-47096384554

Please consider attending if you are in our area. Details are in the event posting. We’ll be glad to have you. And I’ll gladly field questions here.

83 tires removed. 237+ tires left behind. On just 3 miles of river.

How disgustingly sad the river’s been so trashed. I don’t live in NY but appreciate your efforts, as well as the efforts of all others who work to clean up such a crucial resource.