Walrus Jaeger Kayak?

Not much info out there on these Vermont built boats, but look to be well made. Anybody paddle this model and if so what other kayak (NDK, P&H, Valley etc.) might most resemble its’ paddling characteristics? Also if you have sat in one, what would you guess would be a decent weight, height and body size of the paddler matched to this model? Yes, I know, go demo, but a bit of a ride and I limit my gas expenditures these days to purposeful trips.

Extremely Odd

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Jäger (German pronunciation: as in Yeager)
is the German word for "hunter".
Also spelled Jäger, Jaeger and Jager.

It all seems a bit a whacked for a name


Very few walrus in North Sea near Europe,
and probably almost none in Germany.

Totally whacked
You’re probably right that it’s a bit “whacked”, but the Jaeger after which the boat is named is actually a type of predatory gull (or, really, a family of predatory gulls).