Walrus Kayaks

Did these guys bite the dust, or what? Last I checked their website looked like it hasn’t been updated in like a year and a half. Doesn’t appear they do any marketing and I never hear their stuff being talked about.

Call em
One way to find out what their status is, would be to call them. 415-475-7187

I hope they’re still around.
I want to try a Griffin Lt

Dust n the wind.

Are you confirming their demise?

I wondered the same thing after trying to contact them directly several times. I wrote one of their distributors and found out they have ceased making any boats for the time being. Apparently they are attempting to regroup and start making kayaks again late winter early spring.

I have since tried to contact that distributor and have not received a response which makes me think they are Kaput for the time being…shame, they look like really nice little boats!

Andy Singer, the owner and designer, is looking at options for getting the boats back into production.