Wanda Tibbs

Is coming back on FB tomorrow.

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Okay, I’ll bite. Who is/was Wanda Tibbs?

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You may not want to know…although she is a kayaker…

Last I heard, she was a little deflated.


I’m kinda fonda Wanda. Didn’t she hook up with some guy looking to cheat on his wife?


I thought she was a friend of Fat Elmo’s.

Wanda always wanna wanna wanna.

That’s enough to turn even the most buoyant personality into a real downer.

Did Wanda meet the RealDoll (look it up) of her dreams?

She was in a thread about, a year ago. Some dude, looking a paddling companion. Maybe it was Pamlico 140 guy and his mysterious gray thing.

someone looked to have had a rough night


The Parson’s in the picture.
There’s piddle before bank.
Through seasons all things cycle.
Any Wanda heads year for tank?

Some snow this strange scenario
as unholy situation.
But then howya gonna keep a Chuck amok
outside of Paris from inflatuations?