Wanna do a week to weekend trip

I am wondering of a few places to go canoe/kayaking over the summer but i want to be able to camp along the river. I am trying to get some friends together to do this as a kind of goodbye thing because were graduating and all i really hope there is a place and preferably 1-2 mayber a 3 in between there i live in southern maryland and hope the places you choose arent to far away

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You could try the Pax in your backyard. Start at Queen Annes, camp at Jug Bay, then the campground south of Benedict, north of Broomes Island - I forget the name, then Greenwell State Park. The distances between sites are longish, but there is a lack of places to camp on the Pax. You are young and probably have the energy to make the distances. Go with the tide and pray for the wind to be at your back.

Further afield, there’s the Potomac, which has ton’s of camping and the Pocomoke over on the other shore. Camp at Shad Landing, Millburn, then a commercial place down by the Bay.

Also, since you are graduating high school, I will give you some free advice. Capitalize, punctuate, spell correctly and reread what you wrote to see if it says what you mean. You are not texting your buddies anymore. I can’t tell whether you mean you want a river with class 1 - 2 and maybe 3, or you are looking for a trip that is 1 - 2, maybe 3 days. If people can misunderstand what you write, they usually will. Us old farts haven’t caught on with the anything-goes style of texting, and you’ll find lots of us out in the world you are entering.

Good luck with your trip planning. A Maryland Gazateer (book of maps, shows campsites, has recommendations for canoe trips in the front) and Ed Gertler’s Maryland and Deleware Canoe Trails will also be very useful. These are books. Order them from Amazon or maybe you can use them at your local library.


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Well the thing is i am just in class ha ha and i am just trying to type as quickly as possible to get this done. If i really need to type then i would you know. But i am actually looking for a 1-2 because alot of the people that are going havent ever done anything along the lines of canoeing and i want it to be a fun trip so they will do it too. I am looking for a place where you can just camp along the shore and pick your spots and we would be renting the canoes. But there was a lake we went to last summer me and all the guys in my family and i don’t remember what it is called and i asked them and they told me but i forgot. It is a place where you park they take you on a bus drop you off and you go meet them at the bottom 2-3 days later. I am looking more for a 4 day trip with the guys to just say goodbye to high school. So yeah the potomac is a little much and so is the pax i know of all the camp sites very well its just i dont want to have to pay more money for campgrounds around here but anyways if you have any ideas then let me know and the distance isn’t a bad thing we kinda wanna get away.

All set now Chip? ha ha
Age does have its advantages at times :-).

I enjoy it
i am enjoying the being young thing as much as i can lol. It makes life more enjoyable and feels like you actually did something so i am now a canoeing fan because of last summer

good attitude.
The older you get, the more you appreciate each day. Starting off young and adventurous is great. Don’t waste a day; they’re precious.

yeah i aim for that
yeah i began to think like that about mid way through high school when i was just being lazy but yeah. I have def been looking more into the whole canoeing and kayaking thing just because i enjoy it alot so i will be on here over the summer getting tips and what to buy because it will be easyier to get more money to devote to it.

some suggestions
Pocomoke and Pax are good choices, but if you want to go further afield here are some others:

  • Allagash in Maine. Great trip with bear and moose and terrific scenery. It has been 15 years since I ghave doen this trip, so can’t really recommend a shuttle or outfitter.
  • Boundary Waters/Quetic in Minnesota and Canada. There are hundreds of routes - interconnected lakes and rivers. I have used Piragis in Ely MN for outfitting and trip planning and would certainly recommend them,
  • Green or Colorado in Utah. There are long flatwater sections that take you through neat canyons. Tex’s Riverways is the only outfitter I have used there, and they have a nice website, Go early for this one (or wiat until Sep/Oct).
  • There are a couple of neat long paddles in FL, like the Evergaldes wilderness waterway and the Suwanne/Sante Fe, but would not recommend these for a summer trip.

    Good luck. Definitely get out and do some trips while you are young, cause marriage and jobs are right around the corner. Not that responsible adults can’t take long canoe trips, but it does get harder to schedule and plan.

This is a great float …

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....... a place called Bill's , in Little Orleans , MD. just outside of Hancock, MD. ..... I think this is in Washington State Forrest (that's in MD.)-- nope--( revised , it's in GreenRidge State Forrest) ....... Bill has an outfitters dinner and camp ground there , Bill will rent you Alum. Gruman canoes , take you up river (the Potomac) for the day trip and drop you off (at Bons (Bonds) Landing), or the two day trip (at Paw Paw) ..... Bons Landing is a camp site Bill runs also and if the two day trip from Paw Paw you make camp at Bons , and finish back at Little Orleans next day ...... I suggest the two day from Paw Paw , but be advised Paw Paw to Bons is a fairly long day run downriver , so if you are fishing along the way for those Smallmouth (gazillions of them on top water plugs), don't stop at every inch of river to fish or it will be two hours of dark before you make Bons ....... the run from Bons back to Little Orleans is fanatastic as well , easy day run plus plenty fishing time ....... this is some of the finest river float I've been on ...... easy class water with a pinch of excitement here and there !! ...... Bills Grumans and taxi ride up stream are a bit unorthadox but don't let that fool you , Bill has got what you want and been doing this there forever ....... the camp site at Bons is real nice and secluded , well taken care of ........ then there is also the Yough resiviour right at Friends, MD in the mountains as well , and has a real nice camp site area with a launch ........ in either case , when it's 95 degrees and humid as heck here , it's always 10 degrees cooler in the mountain and not nearly as humid .. enjoy the days where ever you go .. oh , you may not see another soul but your own gang if on the run down river from Paw Paw back to Little Orleans ........ but if you really like the flat lands like Eastern Shore and tidal flows , be prepared for humidity and biting misquetos (how ya spell misqueetos??) ..

was wondering about the…

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Well i heard about this place along the Rapidan river its part of the Rapahanock river its a little tributarie and i was wondering what you guys think. And if you have been there that is kinda what i am looking for because you can camp along the river whereever you feel like so yeah i wanna aim for something like that. And if you know anything about that let me know what you think i was told i should check that place out.

i just remembered it's a place called Clore Bros. Outfitters

Just in case …
… here’s Bill’s phone number , 301-478-2701 … it’s called Bill’s Place or Little Orleans Camp Ground … the run from Paw Paw to Little Orleans is a beauty , remote and perfect for those with little time in a canoe … ask Bill anything and he will be happy to talk … my sister lives in Rixeyville just outside of Culpepper VA. , that’s the area of the Rapidin and Rappahanock rivers and I didn’t suggest it for some reason ??

About the Yough in Friendsville , MD. …
… the Yough Resivour is a Corps. of Engineers impoundment shared by MD. and PA. … the Yough is the other side of the Continental Divide meaning it runs northward and drains into the Mississippi … Friendsville and the resivour are in Garret Co., MD. … for the camp near Freindsville call ACOE Mill Run Campground 301-334-8218 … like to take a world class white water run while there , it’s class IV and V , call PRE. (Precision Rafting Expeditions) 800-477-3723 / 301-746-5290 , the guide is in the raft with you and they are scrupulously licensed because this is the real macoy … the Yough watershed is Md.'s only Wild and Remote classification area … also if you can haul your own rental canoes , local renter outfits in your area will let you take them to the rivers of your choice … oh did I mention Garrett Co. is one of the most beautiful places in the world !!

i will def look into that when i get a chance to