Wanna Play...?

We got a howling ocean storm out there. Sustained winds of 35 MPH plus right now, with on and off downpours.

I look out my kitchen (temporary “home office”) window…

I swear they are whispering… “Let’s do it!!! Let’s break out of this coop and go play…”

Oh well, life in isolation.



:sleepy: Is paddling or surfing also banned in MA, like how they did it in RI?

Sweet boats. Let me guess, Hornbeck New Tricks Thirteen?

Dept of Conservation and Recreation has shut down beach parking lots to minimize the amount of people drawn to the beaches on nicer days.

But, fishing and surfing are still allow. You still can still surf if you can find parking on the street north of the parking lot we use at Nantasket. The trick is to go early – before 9 AM. Usually the walkers don’t show in numbers until later in the morning.

Surf’s up through the the first half of this week. :slight_smile:



Unfortunately, I won’t be back in Boston till May 24th.

No surfing equipment in Houston for me. Work from home + kids to care for :sleepy:

Good to be with family. Stay well and safe.:+1:


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It is a beautiful spring day here. Going paddling mid week. My boats have been calling for a few weeks.

Went to a nearby pond to get some quick fishing in today. This pond was relatively quiet just a couple of weeks ago. The parking lot was jammed today.

Families with kids running around, not all observing physical distancing. I was flyfishing and was actually in the water, away from the walkers. Nevertheless, I just didn’t like the feel and decided to leave after an hour. Went back to the car, wearing my face mask, circling around the different walkers. I shook my head as I watched seven teens packing into a large SUV together… Clearly, we are headed for trouble soon.

Next time I fish, I am going for more isolated places that can only be fished by canoe or kayak.


A friend went to Lake Hartwell today. She said the 2 ramps she saw were packed.

I stopped in the local supermarket this eve. Small crowd and almost everyone had gloves and masks on and made a point to keep separation.
Maybe the N.E. is more use to being crowded into elevators and subways and feel a little separation space is more than it really is.