Want to add some bungee to the deck..

Hey guys-

I’ve got a Perception America 11 foot boat and would like to add some bungee cords to the front to hold gear…

The bungee on the back is held on with some screw down “corners” that allow the bungee to run underneathe these corners rather than into the boat…

Does anyone know where I might be able to pick something like this up?



If those are half loops screwed to the
deck, they’re called padeyes and almost any canoe/kakay dealer, including some of those on-line should have them. Don’t expect to get’em at Dicks, Gander, Bass Pro or Gander,t though, haven’t seen them there. Get a bunch, you’ll find them useful for lots of things.

Try this site:

Lots of kayak gear and hardware. Delivery is very, very fast also.

I just bought a hundred of them for $10.00 w/ stainless screws.

Good deal. If you got 200 screws,
a very good deal. You oughta buy several thousand and open up your on ebay store.

My new deck rigging
Just yesterday I added deck rigging to my (very old) Pirjon Invader. 6 eye bolts and a 4’ bungee cord. I spaced the eye bolts in pairs, about a foot apart from each other… to make three sets of two, then crossed the bungees between them. It cost me $4.00 and took less than 30 minutes. A very easy project and one that will come in handy