want to get on the water


I’m looking to purchase a used kayak. I would like something with a storage compartment or two for light overnight trips. I’m not opposed to Sit on Top, but do prefer the sit in.

any suggestions about which kayak to choose? How much ( or hopefully little) I should expect to spend? What websites I should look at?

I’m just started looking, so only at craigslist now.

What is your height, weight,
and shoesize?

want to get on the water
I’m short 5’3" and and a lil chubby. (Makes me float better) :confused: Women’s shoe size 8

some options

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This is the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135- designed for small-medium build women.

If that is too small- check out the Necky Manitou 13 and 14-



Necky Zoar Sport-


Necky Looksha 12-

Perception Tribute-

Perception Carolina 12/14


Necky Looksha 14-

current design kayaks-




old town-


try to demo these first

used kayak
Other than shoe size and height, what’s your paddling experience and where do you plan to paddle?

I’d highly recommend that first you would be better served finding a dealer/dealers that offer demo sessions and try as many yaks as you can before you buy anything. Many dealers, specially with today’s economy, are offering free demo paddles and this is a great way to find the type of kayak you’ll like, the size that fits and models you like and those you don’t. No point in buying something on price along that you won’t enjoy paddling.

Also try
www.paddleswap.com which searches several sites geographically.

Your weight range does matter, a number of general range would help – some people call 130 lbs chubby and others call 200 lbs chubby. That’s a big difference in some boats.

And your budget matters, what are you wanting to spend? You can get started for $500 or so, but an $800 budget will open up a lot more options in the used market (and don’t forget the paddle and PFD – don’t go too cheap on those).


Sounds like
you and I are similar in build. I am 5’3" and was 188# when I started kayak shopping (less now…yay!). I was looking for a jack of all trades touring kayak. My plans were for mostly lakes and slow rivers with some occasional protected coastline.

I really liked the fit and feel of the Necky Manitou 13 but wanted more storage capacity. I eventually bought the Old Town Cayuga 146 and the Delta 12.10. (for both hubby and me) Both fit me well and handled very nicely (in my opinion). I got the Cayuga through Craigslist for much cheaper than new.

If you are planning on the same type of paddling, I would definitely check these out.

Good luck!

Just stay from Pamlico 140s…
They’re very bad boats… cheap though…

There is a very good classified ads section on this website. Dont overlook the Hurricane Aquasports boats. They are a lot lighter than the poly boats and their cost is not that much higher.

Paddling Class then Craigslist
Take an introduction to kayaking class to learn the basics and try out different styles of boats. They usually cost between 50 - 60 bucks, around here you can take a weekend long course that will make you a very safe and competent beginner. Then look on your local craigslist. You can find real bargains for 1/4 to 1/2 the cost of a new boat and many will come with paddles, pfd, skirt, roof rack. — Best way to get started until you know what you want and what kind of paddling you will like best. The boats that are on sale at big box stores are dogs, so paddle a few boats before you put money down on a new boat.

If you post where you live (general area), many here can give better info on where to take a class and dealers who can help you find the right boat

Comming from a guy who has never seen

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one or paddled one.

I can paddle that sucker 4mph straight tracking for at least 2 hours straight. I've spent 3 hours navigating waterways and I even hit 6mph one time. No lie.

You can't even talk, you have no experience with one.

"I can paddle that sucker 4mph straight tracking for at least 2 hours straight. I’ve spent 3 hours navigating waterways and I even hit 6mph one time. No lie. "

Oooooohhhhhhh, that changes everything! 3 hours? In a ‘waterway’??? And you paddled for 2 whole hours??? Wow, must be a hell of a boat!

You never cease to amaze me kid!

I could go longer if I chose

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It wasn't like I was drained when I was finished, I had plenty of energy to spare. I find it to be plenty efficient, and I don't care what you think, you've never paddled it. Zero experience. Come on dude, you don't even know what a Pamlico 140 looks like. And you act like plastic is a BAD material for kayaks, but it has proved itself worthy of the market after many long, hard expeditions and is the choice for WW kayaks, because it is very, very durable and takes impact very well.

4mph is quite a respectable cruising speed. I don't even care what you say, I can rest assured it's a good kayak every time I finish a paddle, coming back with such a content feel, after experiencing euphoria kayaking, gliding through the water, it feels wonderful and I love kayaking.

That’s what she said! NM

Thanks everyone!!

I’m on the gulf in FL. So mostly flat. A few waves. Open water, mangroves, some current. Sea creatures jumping at me :open_mouth: