Want to make a Greenland paddle

First, my apologies… I know some people sent me links last winter but I’ve had computer issues and had to have my hard drive “scrubbed” so much of the stuff I saved is gone.

Can someone send me some links (again) or plans on how to make a Greenland paddle? I’m ready to get started.

Thanks a bunch!


Chuck Holst’s directions…


Carving Greenland Paddle
Bryan Nystrom has written a good book on carving Greenland paddles. It is called Greenland Paddles Step by Step. He sells it and it is available at a few vendors. Google: Bryan Nystrom Paddle making book.


Great info. Thanks! NM

Check out
Tom Yost’s site, yostwerks.com. He gives very straight-forward instructions on how to build a GP.