want to move up from a vapor 12 xt

I have a vapor 12 xt that has been a very nice starter boat for me. I weight 240 and it is like going down the river on a log. This has not been an issue as far as performance as we usually are on slower rivers and lakes. I would like to move up a little though. The vapor is HEAVY… I would like a sit in boat a bit lighter and more manuverable. The best thing about the vapor is the cockpit, it is huge. I love it. Getting a skirt is a bit annoying though. The boat is also nice and deep and offers lots of knee room.

I got a good deal on the vapor, about 350.00 new.

I am now addicted to a deal…

Where do I go from here?

Thanks a lot Hud fixithud@yahoo.com

Sell cruddy boat
Buy new (used) boat.

Rinse and repeat occasionally.

Best deals are generally on Craigslist, and sometimes here (click Classified Ads). Also try paddleswap.com, which has several sources for used kayak deals.


more info…
should have been more clear… I am looking for opinions on what boat to get next.



Huge Cockpit
Lots of kayaks out there are a step up from the Vapor. The huge cockpit that you like just doesn’t work for me though. Skirts just don’t work well and it only takes a little splash to cause them to snap off the coaming. Just try something with a smaller cockpit opening and you may see that there are many advantages. True getting in takes some getting used to but once you’re in there it’s worth it. Try some new boats and you won’t regret it. When it comes to cockpit size, smaller is better.

Cockpit size is the crux

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The Vapor is a rec boat, all of which are characterized by large or huge cockpits. The next step up in boats is likely to have a smaller cockpit and tighter fit. It's unclear whether you want your knees under the boat deck, like they'd be in a boat where your thighs hit the thigh braces well.

So - staying with a huge cockpit as a preferred feature keeps you in rec boats (or on a SOT). It's hard to recommend a way for you to step up to more boat unless you go with a SOT or abandon that criteria. As to maneuverability, your volume is likely affecting it but you probably need to look to your paddling as well. One aspect of being able to turn a boat well is to edge it. If you are in a huge cockpit boat that'll take on water if you try to edge it, you are very limited.