Want to Paddle Yellowstone

I am blessed with a business trip October 19-20th in Bozeman Montana. I am extending my stay to do some hiking or paddling. I would love to paddle Yellowstone National Park in some form or fashion. I am in intermediate canoeist enjoying the like of Maine’s St. John and Allegash waterways. Looking for something of the same in or near Yellowstone. Plan is to leave Bozeman on Friday morning. I don’t have to be on the return plane till Sunday 8pm back east. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Steve

You checked the Weather Channel?
Its more winter in Yellowstone than Maine.

I don’t recall any liveries on Yellowstone Lake or Lewis Lake

Plus its a big park… and the Lake is a pretty long drive from Bozeman

There is the permit thing if you have your own boat…


Yellowstone Lake
is canoe able but prob not in October due to elevation.

The Park’s river is mostly off limits for canoeing. Trout fishing, buffalo herds.

The river is canoe able


there is a train

Not Yellowstone but an alternative
It is much colder in Montana than you might expect right now. If you have (or can rent) appropriate cold weather gear, you should look at the Madison River. Lots of fishing still going on their (mostly drift boats). There are rentals available in the summer, but you might be able to find one that hasn’t put all their boats to sleep. I would be very cautious about Yellowstone Lake. That is deep, big, and cold water this time of the year and probably no one else there. The pass from the north to the lake will be closing soon too. As others have said, no boating on the rivers in Yellowstone. My son who lives in Bozeman paddles a lot of Hyalite Reservoir, but it is very high in the mountains and probably already starting to ice up. Great area for hiking though, just south of Bozeman.

Global warming

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I left Mammoth last week. Weather down to SLC was wondrous with rain showers as prelude to snow showers raked hills either side interstate then driving thru weather over the interstate pass.

Looking back, Yellowstone caldera was hidden under a mountain top cloud cover with Challis cover visible on the far SE horizon.

At Island in The Sky, one day was under a mtn top cloud cover ( MTCC) with a narrow 360 scenic horizon under the caps perimeter !

That's the course. As temps fall, MTCC falls lower n lower. Spectac in spring as the snows fall higher n higher.

My trip ran behind then thru the hurricane then southward below the advancing cold front. Very scenic. AAA

On the Yellowstone thought occurred that we see global warming in these valleys more than the MTCC.

Example: goo.gl/lIUMoK

Not different than early spring runs in the NE.

But for the vast distances between home base and the Niobrara.

and pinned down by a vast blizzard


October on Yellowstone lake…?? I don’t think so. But if you could these people, Rendezouse River Sports, could outfit you. http://jacksonholekayak.com/

They guided our Yellowstone Lake 4 day trip two summers ago.