want to ride my bike and pull my kayak

I’ve seen people do it.

Anyone have a recommendation?

I want a trailer to hook to my bike

and pull my kayak behind me.

make one
the hardware store is your friend.


type kayak bicycle trailer into your search engine.

two options:

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(I just seached for "bicycle trailers for kayaks" in google).

Anyone have any experience with either of these?

I’d be curious to hear
from a real person who owns and uses one. I wonder how well one of these carts would work on uneven country roads, gravel, potholes, hills (up and down) and how they handle turns. I can see these things working in a kind of Truman Show type world, but wonder how they would work outside of some planned community with wide, smooth, flat streets with no traffic.

canoe posts
There was someone who posted on paddling.net about using one for a canoe. I was totally jealous of their ability to place their bike in the canoe, so they could bike upstream, and paddle back down, all without having to return for their bike.

did you see the “tony’s” ad?
…and the photo with three kayaks stacked on one trailer?

I’m not sure I’d want to be reaching the bottom of a hill with 150# or more bearing down on me.

You don’t need a trailer
Years back there was a pic of Chris Cunningham (editor of Sea Kayaker) towing his kayak. He strapped a set of wheels on the stern area of the kayak. Then he had pole or length of wood? - strapped to the front deck that attached to an area behind the seat of the bicycle. That was it.

I’ll see if I can find the photo.

Hills would be my concern

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In order to use one from my house, I'd have to climb/descend two very steep hills in the mile and a quarter to the lake, and one long one to the river down the hill. My MTB has a super low gear on the cassette, so I guess I could do it, just not very fast.

I also would look up local statutes concerning towing something that large behind a bike. Some places may actually have regulations about it.

Been considering getting a utility trailer for my MTB for going grocery shopping, etc. That route is much less hilly.

Sounds like a fun project to make one
I think a trailer for pulling kids on the bike might be a good framework to modify. Watch yard sales in your area. When kids get too big for those and get a bike with training wheels, they aren’t needed anymore, so people should be getting rid of them a lot.


This is all great info! Thank you! I emailed the people at paddlecart to see if they were going to be at the kayak festival in SC and they responded in the affirmative! So I’ll be able to check it out. I’ll bring my check book if it works out! Yipeeee! Fun to be had!

Re Link
Put a SMILE on my face!

Best $600 scoots I’ll spend this year!

And…I won’t have to shoulder either the tern or the america up onto or off of the damn rangers cap.

color me one happy camper! (yeah, I’m getting the adjustable wheel base one to fit both the tern and the america)

Thanks for the link!!!

With all your talents building bikes
I bet you could make that…

you’ll go blind

Have done it and even moved my
molds around like this too.

Have the story written down somewhere but my entire Tideline 19 model was done without owning a car.

Just invest on a cart with pneumatic tires and rig a simple bar to your seat/soatpost> boat.

Amazingly easy to do and fun to ride with.

I found traffic on the road was not as bad as other riders,bladers and pedestrials not being ready for your long load.

Eco friendly travel.
Last Fall I created a kayak trailer to pull with my commuter bike.

I have been pulling my 14’ Phoenix Match (old school downriver boat).

I put my wing paddle and all my kayaking gear in the boat in a mesh bag.

It works great although it did take a couple of outings to get used to the length.

It pulls like a charm, climbs hills well. I get lots of smiles when I’m riding.

I travel mostly on the river parkway (no traffic) and back roads.

No photos yet, I’m waiting for the leaves to show up on the trees, so it isn’t so brown in the background.

I bought a used childs bike trailer (for $5, amazing find). It was a plastic molded style and very sturdy.

Had a friend weld an 8’ extension tube just behind the connector which attaches to the bike.

Mine attaches on the back triangle of the bike frame.

Placed a home made saddle (made of foam) the shape of the hull on top of the part where the kids would sit.

The bow sits in a v shaped cradle that I raised up about 10” off the extension tube.

With a couple of tie down straps, I’m good to go.

Note: It is a very long “contraption”

I would suggest an orange flag of some type (haven’t done this yet). Also watch switch backs and tight spaces while riding.

I put slime in the tubes. A flat tire or break down would be a big “hassle”.

I’ve used it ~25 times so far.

Happy paddling.

Bike Trailer
We have one by Wike. My son used it to get to the river with his kayak up until he got his driver’s license. It worked great for him and there is a good sized hill up to our house that he was able to manage on his mountain bike towing a 60 lb. kayak.

another brand