wanted book "The Adirondack Guideboat"

Hi all, This book is out of print and the used editions are going for $60 and up. It was published by the Adirondack museum and Durant was the author.

Does anyone know of a source? I’m not picky, even an e-source would be fine as I just want to have a look, not a collectors item.


There is a used copy in paperback listed on Amazon right now for $24.


I should have mentioned that I tried to buy that copy, but they do not ship to Canada. The next one is over $60. Yes, I’m being cheap, but I haven’t even seen the book!

After a generous offer by a fellow PNet user to buy and ship the book, I wrote a friend to do the same thing. Then, on a whim I called a local bookseller who directed me to Abes Books, where I found it. The local guy said that Amazon was sort of like ebay in that people sometimes think their items are incredibly valuable.

When I get it, I’ll let you know what I think in case anyone wants to spend the $300 for a “new” copy.


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If THAT were a reasonable selling price I'd be renting my copy out on a regular basis!

By the way, I don't care to part with my copy, but I was all set to offer to loan it to you if for some reason you didn't find one at a proper price, but I figured one would turn up somewhere.