Wanted: Kayak for Bean Pole

I am 5’9" and weigh 125 pounds. Most of that length is torso (by a long shot). I am looking to purchase an intermediate to advanced kayak. I want a sit-in kayak at least 14 feet long. I paddle all over the country in all types of water but usually avoid choppy water as I read a horrible children’s book about the Titanic in grade school that scarred me.

I have read many, many threads but the kayaks seem to be far too short or too wide. Any thoughts?

Note: I am not super concerned about the money as I will buy used.

You sound like you have some paddling experience. can you give us a feel for what boats you have paddled that you liked, and what ones you didn’t like (and why you didn’t like)? This may help us target out suggestions better.

Current Designs, Eddyline, Valley, NDK, P&H, QCC are just a few manufacturers that come to mind who have kayaks 22-21" wide and over 14’ long.

Given your specs, you’d probably need a LV model. Finding used could be a challenge, depending on your location.

Good selection in the Paddling dot com classifieds right now.

I know of an Impex Force 3 carbon Kevlar for sale by a local (to me) paddler. That’d fit a bean pole well, but I don’t know where you’re located so …

I live in the KS area but would drive up to 12 hours to pick one up.

A tad out of range here in NY