Wanted Kayaking Pawleys Island SC Info

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I got an invite from a friend who is staying @ Pawleys Island SC last week of Sept and I would like any info regarding Kayaking down there.
I am bringing a couple of long boat and want to do some beach/surf, inlet, bumpy stuff mainly, marshes are pretty but not my first priority.
Also if any one wants to meet up for a paddle I am game. I am a bit out of shape, so don’t expect Olympic class company, but I do have good balance and am amusing in an upside down kind of a way, and am probably pretty safe.


Edit. Damn that is a twisted title... how about "wanted, Pawleys island kayaking info".
gotta stop multitasking when trying to compose a post (like now).

The Coastal Expeditions Map has
all the SC coastal info.


There is a small inlet between Pawley’s and Litchfield.

Murrell’s Inlet, just a few miles north , is much larger.There is a public ramp there. Also , a good place to launch is down a dirt road to your right just past Huntington Beach State Park. There is a sign about oyster shell recycling . The road leads to oyster shell banks that are good to launch for Murrell’s Inlet from half tide or better. Your car is safe from all but the highest tides.

Loving Google earth
Ok, I looked over your recommendations VIA Google Earth and found all the spots.

Q if I am staying on the beach front, is it worth heading up to Huntington?

hard to tell how small the inlets are on the N & S end of Pawleys are, but from Google it looks pretty shallow on the back side of the Island. is it a low tide mud flat or just an illusion?

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