wanted: Large Cockpit

The wife and I just got back from a trip to Santelah in western NC. She finaly got into my Perception Carolina 14.5, which was her first time in a “real” kayak. We left with a small list of wants for her kayak. I’ve done my reasearch and know roughly the list of boats that I have available to me, but would like to hear what you guys can suggest before I list any of them.

1, 12-13 ft length

2, Light/day touring-like ride (smooth, efficent and stable)

3, At least one bulk head.

4, A cockpit larger than my Carolina (38x21)

If it wasn’t for the last requirement this would be a real short search and just get the shorter Carolina, but she wants a larger cockpit.

Thanks for your suggestions,

scott and jess

maybe these
Take a look at the Pungo 120 and the Necky Zoar Sport. I demoed all three of those boats once on the same day and found both of those cockpits easier to negotiate than the Carolina. Not sure about actual dimensions though.

54" cockpit okay?
Perception Sundance 12.0 sounds like it might fit the bill.

Kestrel 120 or 140

Large Cockpit
Dirigo 120 or 100. Great boat for casual paddling or up to Class III WW. I also have a Pungo 140 that I use for camping or flatwater trips.


Liquidlogic Stingray 12
Just bought one a month ago. About 12 hours in it and am so far quite pleased. Hits just about all of your requirements right down the middle. Good seat to boot.

Large Cockpit

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I just bought an Old Town Adventurer 125..Large cockpit..two hatches...tie down straps.. 12' 9 length....the cats meoooow

Pungos are roomy
The Wilderness System Pungo’s (120 & 140) have cockpits 57 x 22.

large cockpit because?
What specifically does she need with a larger cockpit?

I ask the question because I like larger cockpits so that I can sit on the seat and then swing my feet into the cockpit. I just don’t have the balance to be good at sliding into a cockpit feet first. I’ve taken classes where they tried to teach me this skill. I can do it most of the time when I’m launching. I often can’t reverse the maneuver when my abs are tired from a couple of hours of constant paddling. Sometimes, the only way to get out of my Dagger Magellan is to fall sideways and crawl out in the shallow water.

What I’ve found is that the issue isn’t just the size of the cockpit but the position of the seat in the cockpit. I think I tried a Carolina once and couldn’t enter by sitting first. I think I’ve tried other 38x21 boats where I could enter by sitting first. The big issue isn’t the cockpit opening as much as the distance between the bottom back of the seat and the front of the cockpit.

I’m looking for something very similar to what you described, and I’m leaning towards a Dagger Catalyst. I tried one on a demo day, and I remember it being comfortable to enter, exit, and paddle. The Pungo 120 would be another option, and I think the LiquidLogic Saluda would also fit your description.


Perception Sundance 12
It’s been mentioned before, but it’s such a nice yayak, that it’s worth mentioning again. I have two and love them

My choice…

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Is a Perception America 13.5 Has one bulk head, larger cockpit than the Carolina, and a nice ride, too!

Swift Adirondacks?
12’ has single bulkhead/hatch

13.5’ has two bulkheads/hatches

Skeg option is a wise choice.

What’s your size?
Paddled with two folks who had eddyline carbolites…$1200. Lightweight, large cockpit and fast…I was impressed…but these arn’t for large folks.

I am
happy with my Sundance in 9.5 Don’t see why a 12’ would be much diffrent. I really like the high , adjustable seat back. More comfort and angle options for diffrent kinds of trips. Also it hab=ndles well, tracks straight and has decent rocker.

Well thats nice, you guys mentioned the boats we are looking at. The perception america 13.5, Wilderness systems pungo 120, 140, and liquid logic ?? gets bonus points for all being local companies, but the Necky can be bought localy and if I can find a local distributer that is not a big box store, then the Old Towns will be looked at. I’m sure I will be asking more questions as money becomes available.


To answer the question about why a larger cockpit, Jess is larger than me and would like the extra space.