Wanted Light wieght pogies

Need some nylon pogies< for fitness training.

Got great stuff for the rought stuff but too heavy for training.

had some years ago but lost them.

Cheers Dan

Have some old Stohlquist pogies.
You could check and see if they still offer them.

Do you remember
Bonnie’s Hot Pogies? I believe I still have a set of C-1 uninsulated ones in a storage box somewhere.


Kokatat and rowing suppliers
I have a pair of Kokatat pogies. They have fleece on the inside of the tops but none elsewhere and are lightweight. I had to special-order them from REI because they weren’t part of the local standard inventory.

My husband found a really nice pair of pogies intended for rowers. They have fleece both top and bottom inside and cost less than the Kokatats. Seems that these are pretty common for rowing; most kayakers just don’t know about them and buy heavy, damp neoprene because that’s what the shops tend to have.

Do you have any rowers links

cheers Dan

Certainly heard of them but never
got a chance to examine them. My uninsulated Stohlquists are modified for c-1 use, but out of commission due to a broken snap.