Wanted : REAL wt of 3 layer poly boats

After repeatedly pulling my back this season lifting my 62lb poly elaho, i decided it’s time to face reality and get a lighter boat, under 55 lbs. So other than going composite, or building a S&G, both of which i can do, the other option, on paper, is going with either a

A) VCP Aquanaut Club Poly or

B) P&H Capella RM 160.

The Aquanaut is well priced locally, but i can not find a weight listed for specifically the poly version.

The Capella is listed between 51 and 53 lbs,which sounds good,except i’d have to change that god awful seat.

Does anyone know TRUE,relatively accurate weights for these 2 boats? weighted by yourself or someone you know, not picked off a company/store website.

Tempest 165
mine weighs in at 52 lbs. with hatches and rigging.

Only 52 lbs in plastic?
The catalog says it’s 57 lbs, and that feels about right. I haven’t weighed mine. I only know I weighed my wood boat before I added larger thigh braces, and that was 52 lbs, and it felt lighter than whatever my roto T165 weighs.