Wanted - Thigh Braces for Looksha IV

I just got a great deal on a perfect poly Looksha IV… problem is that it’s missing the thigh braces. Since Necky doesn’t make the poly L4 anymore, they don’t have any parts and can’t help.

I know there are some people who prefer a looser fit and remove the thigh braces… anyone happen to have a set of the plastic molded thigh braces for a Looksha IV?? Want to sell them?

I’m going to take a look at a set of Chatham braces over the weekend to see if they could be modified to fit, but my preference would be to find some OEM L4 braces.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Thigh Braces
Call Barrier Island Kayaks in Swansboro N. C. They carry Necky boats and have had many L-4’s The number is 252-393-6547. If you don’t get them keep trying. It’s still winter here. Ask for Lamar. Good luck. Vaughn Fulton

Thanks for the lead…
NC! (I’m an NC native currently on-the-lam in California) Thanks for the lead Vaughn, I’ll call them tomorrow. If they have a set of thigh braces, maybe I could get them to overnight them to me with a couple of quarts of Parker’s Bar-B-Que.

I’ll bring it myself. I lived in Southern Calif. Wouldn’t mind visiting again. Good luck.