Wanted - Used Maine Island Trail Guidebook

I posted this inquiry over in the Classified section a while ago, but haven’t received any response, so thought I would ask about this here as well.

I know these get updated and re-issued every year, as things change, but I would like to see if anyone has a fairly recent Maine Island Trail Guidebook they no longer need, and are willing to sell for a reasonable price?

I’d like to visit there a year or two from now, so thought it might be useful for pre-trip planning, and to get a decent overview of the area.

I’ll need to sign up as a member for the MITA, if/when a trip is imminent, in order to get the latest info.

I’m also interested in recommendations and sources for waterproof charts or maps of the MIT, and which areas people prefer to paddle and camp. I like to snorkel and dive, and hunt for a fresh seafood dinner gathered by me, so good areas to do that would be appreciated too.

Info on sea kayaking stores, businesses, groups, etc. in the region would be useful too, if you have anything to share on that as well.

Any info or advice you are willing to share will be greatly appreciated.

The charts are regular marine charts, not charts specific for the trail. It has been increasingly difficult to find the pre-printed waterproof ones, but there are other options to grab a section of a marine chart online and print it.

I can’t help you with that because I grabbed every waterproof chart I could as they were fading from existence, so still have paper for where I paddle.

The membership for MITA is dirt cheap - I am pretty sure it was under $30 when I renewed - to get online info about the islands and some of the trickier passages. Get a membership as part of your planning now. Waiting until a trip is imminent is not going to be much help. And this is a great organization.

There are also books, like this one. Kayaking the Maine Coast: A Paddler’s Guide to Day Trips from Kittery to Cobscook, paperback by Dorcas S. Miller

Maine has a very, very long coastline. I suspect that you are underestimating that from the part about stores and businesses in the region. There are four distinct regions of the coast for paddling and you could easily spend three weeks in just one. It is also a place where (IMO) paddling and fishermen are shoulder to shoulder. For better information on that aspect of the coast, and some coverage of towns along the way, you could join the Island Institute and get their Working Waterfront newspaper. Plus the usual travel resources.

Is it this?

Yes it is.