Wanting a longer boat


I have been paddling an 11’ perception boat for about a year and I am wanting to add to my collection of boats - I want something longer. I am a little wider than the average paddler and most of the touring boats have cockpits too skinny for me - except the carolina 15.5. The reason I’m wanting a longer boat is simply to get across the flatwater faster. Is the speed difference between an 11’ and a 15.5’ noticeable enough to shell out the thousand dollars this boat costs? Are there any other long boats with wide cockpits that I should be aware of?

Thanks a bunch!


if you can fit throught the coaming
you sound like a prime candidate for a QQC q500.

Enormous cockpit volume. For what you’re talking about it’s a dream boat. It’s worth the money and the wait while you save it. Go Used?

Build and modify a pygmy arctic tern? Get knee pads and canoe?

Dagger Charleston
I paddle a Dagger Charleston. I’m not a big guy, but my buddy, 6’6 315, fits and paddles it fine. Assuming you’re any smaller, it’ll do the job very well. It’s 14’, two hatches, drop down skeg. Based on the research I did before buying it, it is similar to the Perception but I found better reviews. Check out the reviews section to the left. This boat also seems to be cheaper, under $800 used.

Build an Arctic Tern
Long. Fast. Fairly large cockpit. Much cheaper than a QCC. Anyone can build one, and the building process is unbelievably fun and rewarding. Once you build one with your own hands, everything else out there is just a boat.

Now why’d ya have to go and introduce me to QCC. I had never heard of them. Wow… those are some nice looking boats. Might be wise to save up and buy one next spring!

I would love to build a pygmy but have no place to do it :frowning:

actually I do have the room to build one, but getting it out of the basement might be an issue… this is something that I need to look into for sure. I could carry my 11’ downstairs and see how much headroom I have.

To answer your question, the speed
difference in 11’ and almost 16’ is considerable.Those new Carolinas are sharp looking boats.

size matters
I’m 54, 6’5" and 250lbs, 34" inseam, size 13 shoe, 40" waist. I currently paddle a Current Designs Storm. It’s both comfortable and capable, though a bit slow. Large cockpit opening (considerably bigger than the QCC cockpit opening) The QCC cockpit opening can be pretty limiting if you get the molded in thigh braces. Darn nice boats though.

Longer Kayak
You might try the Eddyline Equinox. It is 14’ but built for us large frame folks. Over the years I have had a 12’ Sundance, HV Kestrel, and now upgraded to the very stable and fast Equinox. It is a hybrid between rec and touring. My size 12’s fit with no problem and the cockpit is just right for my 6’ frame.

A large 6’8" and heavy friend of mine has the same problem with cockpit width and he paddles an ecobezhig. He trimmed the foam at the side of the seat a bit for his hips to fit but that’s quite easy to do. When he paddles it has quite good speed as his weight puts it close to maximum waterline length even though it’s designed as an expedition kayak. If you’re lighter and just have wide hips it may be too big for you.


Prijon has some good sized cockpits. My kodiak is pretty roomy.