Warm sun, cool breeze, a perfect fall day.

The memories it brings back.
Camping on a creek in the Smokies.
Laying on a blanket with my girl, planning our future.
College football games.
Standing on a mountain top , seeing the color for miles.
Paddling Jocassee, watching the Monarchs migrate.
Paddling the Edisto, hoping the hunters keep their shots off the river .
Wonderful times.

October is great.

Colorado Springs is like this most of the year.

Nice here, too. Mostly sunny (for the first time in 17 days), breezy, and beautiful day in spite of the 40-ish air temp. A nice contrast to Friday, when we had our first snow. Rival51 picked a perfect weekend for his trip up north.

As much as I wanted to paddle, spent the entire day cleaning up leaves and moving firewood left from last winter into the porch to make room for this season’s firewood delivery tomorrow. And the leaves continue to fall…

Rookie-- What was that yellow round thing in the sky? it was a relief to finally have a day that was not raining, overcast and/or very windy.

Wanted to go out for a short paddle but outdoor house/yard duties had to come first. Sad to consider that we may be done for the year. :’(

Beautiful morning in the woods. I watched 3 otters interact with 5 wood ducks at the pond. The ducks flew off. I also had a young buck feed under a persimmon tree about 15 yards from me for about 5 minutes. One of those days when the world seems somehow more alive. I think the critters liked the weather too!

Beautiful Fall day here too with temps in low 60’s which may be the warmest we see for a while.

Well rookie, we did have a dusting of snow on Saturday morning. Colors were mostly in the orange/gold range. Most of the red leaves are down. Still a few red ones in spots like this along the back of the property:

Thought about you this weekend, rival51. Nice red maple in that shot. They’re so gorgeous. The snowflakes were just decorations. :slight_smile:

Hope you had a great weekend.

Thanks Rookie, we did have a great weekend. No paddling but some hiking, some wining & cidering, and some campfire. We did a ~3 mile walk in the Glacial Hills Pathways & Natural Area near Bellaire on Saturday after we left Bee Well. The trails are multi-use and well marked but you need to be paying attention as there are LOTS of trails squeezed in. It’s worth exploring more. Ruth managed to call the dog back before she got too close to the porcupine on Sunday when we went back in to a piece of property a family member owns North of Elmira. An interesting drive in & not for low riders but the Forester handled the washouts & sand well.

You sure picked the right weekend, rival51. I think you took the good weather with you as today was filled with snow squalls, some heavy enough to cover parked vehicles - for only a short time, thankfully.

Did hear a forecast that the wet and cold will last till the end of the month, then a warm spell moves in for November. Sure hope that’s correct.