Warm Weather Gloves

What is your favorite warm weather paddle gloves? I have used these for hiking, but they seem to not last long.


I’m a glove fan
I find that biking gloves


work well for me.


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I know a lot of people who like bike gloves, but I find that the thick palm padding interferes with my paddle grip. Instead I use 3/4 finger Chota's that are a mix of synthetic leather and spandex.



I like the NRS Boater’s glove.
I agree that the padding in bike gloves aren’t comfortable to me for paddling. I also wear these gloves when it is cool, with Smartwool glove liners under them.

I believe it there boaters fingerless gloves.

There catalogue recomends them for rafting but I love them for kayaking.

cheap gloves …
make my hands turn black. I only use thin padded bike gloves. Louis Garneau Vent are my favorites.