Warmer paddling top

Well its starting to get warm on some days here in Buffalo NY. Temp was 75 today. I have a Kokotat gortex drysuit but when paddling just small creeks and Erie canal were shore line is very close what to were. Drysuit seems like overkill plus its kinda warm at 70F and above.

Would something like NRS hydroskin top with splash pants I allready have be ok. Or would maybe a Splash Top be cooler? It would only take at most 40 seconds to get out of water so under conditons like that what would you wear?

Is a splash-top cooler than wearing Hydroskin when dry. Oh I can roll my kayak quite well too if I did go over.Got that down really well now.

This would be when air temp is 70F and above.Lake paddling (Erie/Ontario) I think I will stick to drysuit until lakes warm up much more.

water temp
I just checked, and the water temp in Buffalo is still listed as about 50F. http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/dsdt/cwtg/glakes.html

Unless you are paddling an area where the water has warmed up from that, I’d likely stick with the dry suit for a while.

My normal is 60 and below water temp, I have wet or dry suit on (irrespective of air temp). I get wet (splash or roll) when I need to cool down. 70 and above water temp, and normally neither wet suit or dry suit (though sometimes a hydroskin type thing if it is colder air). 60-70 and I look at other aspects (air temp, chances of swimming, distance from land, etc.) to make the decision.

In temperatures like that and in small…
creeks, and the Erie canal I would be wearing a short sleeve poly pro shirt and a bathing suit.

Why get overheated in a dry suit or even with a splash jacket?

Jack L

I find the splash top is cooler
I find the hydroskin tops really warm. I wore mine along with a farmer john in 33F and light snow and was quite warm.

Drysuits are kind of overkill for a small creek if your chance of swimming is minimal and you have a roll. I save mine for trips involving rough water and long crossings or rescue and roll practice.

Thanks for replies
I kinda figured a splash top good enough especially in creeks. Just something to keep initial shock of cold water then quickly get out either by roll or swim to edge of creek and get out. I can also do a cowboy scramble but tend to tip over when trying to get my legs back into kayak unless I use my paddle float to help stabilize me.

If the water is 70 why not just a shirt?
The orginal post mentions temps in the seventies. 70 is chilly for a swim but it is not that bad.

No air temps
I ment air temps were from 70 up. If water temp was that high I wouldnt worry about wereing much of anything.

Water temps iam not sure on what they are in creeks and Erie Canal. Lake Erie near Buffalo is still quite cold at around 60 according to this. http://www.coastwatch.msu.edu/erie/e3.html

But like I said if going on lake I will stick with my Drysuit but I thought I should have some minumal protection in creeks and Canal.

There is a new company out there…
called Lavacore and they make some awesome gear. You should check them out. They are more comfortable than Hydroskin.

Their website is www.lavacoreinternational.com


test swim
Easy answer…put on the top and pants and with someone on shore go out and tip over. Then you’ll see what it is like. I dove into a stream in May once, when I was in college. When I came up, I couldn’t breathe. Literally. I had to float on my back and let the sun hit me. People asked if I was ok, but I couldn’t respond. This was in a small pool and I could have drowned. Dress for the water now.