warming packs in drysuit booties

Any one have any experience using those small chemical warming packs in their drysuit booties? My new boat appears to be too narrow to get my wetsuit boots into, and my toes get cold if I cram the drysuit booties into my little watershoes (with medium weight wool socks underneath). My concern is that the heat from the pack would be bad for the Goretex drysuit booties?

Any thoughts?


but what I have done is get a pair of waterproof socks and put them over the booties to protect them. You can spray some of that tool dip material that now comes in a spray can and make a makeshift sole on the socks. Neoprene socks would keep your feet warm and you protect the booties.


Wear on the bootie fabric
Need to keep the booties covered - that fabric on them is a vulnerable point.

Have you tried soemthing like alpaca wool or possum fur socks, the fibers with a hollow core? Quite warm for the space they take up, might help.

right you are
Tried wearing some light goretex oversocks over the booties (no walking except 10 ft to water over grass)- didn’t work well at all. Toes got pretty cold where the tips were exposed and where they were pressing on the carbon pedals (considering putting some closed cell on those, actually). The goretex oversocks actually filled with water, through the seams I guess (they’re for cycling, not immersion). I was notably warmer once I took them off, actually. Thick neoprene socks are probably the way to go- I have size 11.5 feet, though, so I need to get some really big ones to fit over the drysuit booties and my wool socks. Any ideas on where to get fairly huge neoprene socks?


running into the same problem…thinking about just getting the 3x rodeo socks from NRS to try…I’ve been using 2x…but they are a little tight with a pair of wool socks and the goretex bootie stuffed inside (size 11 1/2 or 12 foot)

needs to fit into a Anas Acuta

please post if you find something better

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just ordered 2X
I’ll see how that does. I didn’t see any 3X in the ones I ordered. Which ones have 3X?


on their sale …they have 3x in black


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just switched-thanks

Move your footpegs forward…
…a notch or two. With your feet angled forward, you’ll have more footroom than you’ll know what to do with.

i’m paddling a single well surfski
Moving the pedals away actually narrows the space for your feet, since it is rather narrow at the catch (Fenn Mako 6).



Overstuffed Those Lil Neo Shoes…
with heavy socks under the drysuit booties and you end up cutting off circulation to your feet. I find wearing light fleece socks under the drysuit booties allows me to shove my feet into neo booties without cutting circulation and my feet stays warms. Either that or get a slightly larger neo bootie.


I got the largest ktat booties
(they really don’t have the sizing down for fluffy socks under the booties). With my 9.5 eee feet and thick socks and silk liners I am soo comfy.

Then I wear hi-tec barracudas (with insoles removed) on top to protect the booties. Why wear heavy wet insulation when you can wear dry with a lightweight protective layer for the outside.

Warming packs
I’m told warming packs need to be exposed to air to work.

My friend says they don’t get warm in her latex drysuit booties.

on topic- thanks!
Not that I don’t appreciate all the other advice, but it is nice once in a while when we all remember to actually answer the question posed…


Never mind…

Asked a similar question last year
The overall reponse that I read concerning a similar question last winter was answered correctly from the reply noted above mine. The heat packs require exposure to air to function. An no, they, heat packs, will not dry out your booties. Respectfully, Mark