Warmth Layers for Cold Water Paddling

Dear Folks:

I just purchased a Minus 33 Merino wool expedition weight, top and bottom, for a base layer. If money were no object and one desires to paddle right up until the water freezes, please recommend some of the best insulation layers to purchase.for warmth P.S., I will also be wearing a drysuit. Thanks in advance for your responses.



Rather than repeating…
…Search for the earlier thread entitled…

“wet base layers, drysuit, and warmth”

I’d just use fleece. You’ve probably even got some, so no need to buy anything. The important part is the base layer, as it needs to be comfortable and wicking. Other than that, any synthetic insulation layer works.

I wear a fleece union suit sometimes, but other times I just wear fleece pants and a micro-fleece top (and above mid-40s water temp I only wear long johns). The trick is to be warm enough for safe immersion without overheating too badly when paddling. I’ve never felt the need for more than polypro long-johns, and a fleece layer, down to about 34 degree water, but it may be different for others. Swim what you wear to make sure it’s warm enough, and then fine tune it as you see what works during day paddles.

Wool and synthetics both work…
…so use whatever you’ve got and/or prefer.