...kayaks are being sold.

Do not allow yourself to be fooled.

And they are using PLASTIC.


What's up with that?

I'm astonished, I'm outraged, I'm overacting.

PLASTIC kayaks are now being made in Germany and
being sold under the Prijon brand.

I don't know about you but I'm not buying one
until I get a letter posted on this board saying
that the quality will be the same--unless of
course my tax refund is bigger than I expect, then
I might buy one, but that's beside the point.

This is a situation up with which I will not put.

haven’t they always been made there?
or were they previously made in Poland?

Always in Germany…

…I just thought that since we were on a some sort

of moronic Xenophobic roll, I’d do my bit.

wonder how long this will go…

…before the admins axe it.


If I had chosen Eskimo kayaks instead of Prijon, I

could have said, “…moronic xenophobic Eskimo roll.”

I hate it when that happens.

How many Germans does it take
to build a kayak?

Are the workers really
Germans, or are they guest workers, perchance from Eastern Europe - even Poland?

One of the kayaks in my boathouse is a Prijon Kodiak, and it’s one sweet boat! Personally I don’t care if Munchins bulit my kayak in the Land of OZ, as long as the Prijon stands by its product.

Kodiak’s a nice boat…

…I have a Barracuda and two Prijon WW boats.

i wanted to add a Prijon
but alas they would not ship a composite boat to me…funny because Mirage got me a 580 from 12,000 miles with narry a scratch…so i developed a wee bit of attitude toward Prijon so this time i’m giving my money to P/H…

Arent they supposed to be plastic?? And whats wrong with plastic?? Obviously a Plastic Prijon is decent considering the things Jon Turk did with his…

You are too young to be swearing
on this board. I’m telling your parents.

How many Germans does it take
to build a kayak?"

178, to make them efficient, but only when they come back from vacation.

Is this why they say on their web sight
to find a dealer nearest you just follow the yellow brick road?

The plastic is rumored to be made in China, People Republic Of, and may contain harmful amounts of lead.

Refrain from licking!

I have two Prijons, plastic no less.
I checked them and yes, they say on the label, “Made in Germany”!

I have a pile of sticks and leaves to burn this springtime, and I will dutifully torch the Prijons.

Thanks for the warning, rroberts.

P.S. Are we warring with Germany or something?

What are you advising us to do?
Does the HPC have an official policy on boats made in their home country?

WTF is not a swear!!

The HPC takes no official…

…stance on German made Prijons.

The Harveysburg Paddling Club is merely making a

pubic awareness effort–the HPC feels everyone

should be aware of where their pubics are and

what they are doing.

Ummm . . . .
what exactly do you think it means?

Send them to me…

…and I will see to it that they are properly

disposed of. Particularly, if it is a new Touryak

with a rudder.