Warning-sprayskirt failure

Went for a swim after being unable to roll Sunday in some class III. Yanked on skirt handle & skirt came off like it’s supposed to, but looking at skirt on shore, I saw the handle had almost ripped off & the rand separated from the neoprene. Was a Level Six “Juice” skirt (3 years old). I keep all my stuff clean & stored inside, & inspected skirt before my run. I did let Level Six know, & they wanted to sell me another skirt at cost. NO THANKS. BEWARE if you have one of these skirts. I got lucky the handle didn’t come off in my hand!!

Man, that would have not been …
a good scene if it pulled off when you had the bottom side up.

Thanks for warning everyone

Mine is sealine and never had a problem except for one time years ago when I made the stupid mistake of tucking the grab handle under it.

Jack L


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my handle under 3 times over the years. Could be bad scene but I can still get it off. Key is not to panic. Equipment inspection is important especially for winter paddling.. Never problem with Seals skirts I have 5 of.

My coach…
had me practice the wet exit without using the handle. Definitely scary at first, but I’m glad he had me do it.

Same. We practiced gripping the sides up from under the coaming and also kicking it up with my knee. Had a scary moment with a loop tucked after multiple re-entry roll reps. I panicked and luckily my instructor/friend was there. It opened my eyes quite a bit to why you have to stay calm and think through things when you’re belly up. Now I practice exiting multiple ways just in case. Practice on dry land first!

get skirt that has a strap across the front area, strap itself is not stretchy but length can be adjusted.

I have this on one of my whitewater skirts, I think it is a Snapdragon but it is not in front of me. The strap does not risk getting snagged on anything because it is snug to the deck, but it is not stretchy so if I were to have to knee up into it the skirt would be pulled from the sides.

I know someone is going to yell about it getting entangled (not an issue) or being silly, but for a person with small hands and not exactly weightlifter wrists, it is a great safety backup. At worst it gives you two ways rather than just one to solve a failed-loop issue.

that’s a great drill to do
Usually with someone else nearby to watch and/or assist. Gripping it from sides of coaming, pushing knees up to pop the deck loose, etc.

Snapdragon does this. It is more reassuring and a factor in my loyalty to them.

forgot mine are snapdragons.

snap dragon
I have a snap dragon and I never quite knew the reason for this strap until I read this thread. Thanks very much.