Warped hull

I made the mistake of leaving my Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 on the carrier for 2 days in the Houston heat. Now the middle of the bottom of the boat is somewhat warped. We tried to pop it out but no luck. Any suggestions? Is this something a kayak dealer can fix? If so, what would that cost? Thanks for your help

easy fix
a warm day, boiling water & gravity.

You can send you check to me, we’re running a $50 special on this advise. No need to live without your boat for a week and spend $100 for someone else to boild the water! :wink:



Insert something to push the “wow” back
toward its original position, and then invert the boat so the sun plays on the warp. Don’t overdo the corrective force or you may get a bit of warp in the other direction.

This approach may fail if the downforce on the rack was high enough that, in the heat, the plastic actually stretched significantly. Those of us with plastic WW boats know that once we have warped the bottom from seal launching off rocks, and boofing off rocks, the plastic is stretched and will not return by “memory” to its original shape.

However, I got a warp in the bottom of my Necky sea kayak in the way you describe, and by propping the warp back to original form and leaving it in the sun, I got the hull back the way it started.

Or you can do the same, but…
use a hair drier and speed up the process.