well my roto kayak has warped. i let it on my car rack and now i fear that my investment is ruined. is there anything i can do to reshape my boat? please help.

Set it on the front lawn in the hot sun and it should pop back in time. You can also pour some hot water inside the hull and force the dent out with your hands.

Car topping the boat on it’s edge or upside down should prevent it from re-occuring.

How hot
is it where you are? I left 2 Dagger Blackwater boats on my rack for 5 straight days while touring the Texas Hill Country, in the hot August sun. The boats showed no signs of warping at all.

Warped or Oil Canned?
Bent sideways or dented? Big difference!!

Try bags of sand. This has worked before. We rent plastic kayaks and i have used sand before. Vaughn Fulton

the bottom of the boat is dented just behind the bulkheads

Did you have the boat tied down more
than just snug? If so lightening up a bit next time may save it from happening again. A few years back on of the paddlers tied boat real tight and left in the HOT sun a few days.



You may want to reposition the racks
to coinside with the bulkhead/bulkhesds to prevent that.

I noticed that newer boats are slower to
pop back than older boats. Be paitient.

It happened to me once
we were at a lake and i let a friend take it for a spin. when he was done with it he accidently put it right ontop of a rock and by the time i noticed it it was already dented. it was right infront of the seat so i took a car jack and fliped the kayak over so that the dent was right ontop of the jack. i left it in the sun and kept cheking it until it was back to normal. now you would never know that there was a dent there.