Warren Island in Maine

I have camping reservations for 6 nights at the end of July at Warren Island State Park in Maine. I intend to take the car ferry (minivan with my kayak on top) to Islesboro Island, then leave the van, and kayak across the water to Warren Island. I have not been able to find information on parking my vehicle on Islesboro Island. Any information would be useful.

Maine Island Trails Association - they likely know or know who will have that info. They have a web site to get the phone number.

Parking at Lincolnville
The Maine State Ferry Service has pay parking: http://www.state.me.us/mdot/opt/ferry/215-info.php They note that there might not be adequate space at times during the summer.

You could also try calling the Camden Rockport Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce: http://www.camdenme.org/ to ask if there are any alternatives.

Parking at Lincolnville
Yes, I have seen the ferry web site with its parking policy. Parking on the mainland at Lincolnville is not very practical. I would have to take the van (with my kayak on top) on the ferry (kayaks cannot be taken on the ferry otherwise). Drop off the kayak (full of camping gear and food for 6 days) at a put-in. Return to the mainland with the van. Park it. Go back on the ferry to Islesboro as a walk on passenger. Walk to the put-in (hopefully the kayak is still there), and paddle to Warren Island. Surely there is a parking place near a put-in on Islesboro Island.

Why Not Paddle Over?
It is a rather routine day trip to paddle over to Warren from Lincolnville when weather is decent so going directly over from Lincolnville to camp should not be a big issue. Of course you don’t get to pick your day so the weather is a wildcard. You might want to write or call Ray Wirth of http://www.touringkayaks.com who is a dealer/guide in Belfast just up the coast for suggestions/advice.