Warren's Little Wing 14, 16 18 kayaks

Has anyone paddled a Warren Little Wing kayak and would care to share their opinion? While expensive, the light weight appeals to me due to a troubled back that needs to be papered. Thank you

If you need light weight, you can get
it from other sea kayak manufacturers. You can search for recent discussion and doubts about the claimed advantages of Little Wing on this board.

And they dont cost so damn much.
3,500 for it. rip off. Most Other Composites are alot more reasonable.

I agree
You’d be better off to look elsewhere. You will find something much better. The “L:ittle Wing” is pretty gimicky…is that a word? “Gimicky”?

Cheers…Joe O’

Looks like a turd too

Can’t you be more creative
and less nasty?

Warren Little Wing
I have a Warren Little Wing 12.5. It is remarkably light at an actual 24-Lbs (I weighed it), and it is very fast for its length, and phenomenally stable in rough water. I have a smile on my face every time I carry it to and from the car top or paddle it in the water, especially in rough water. Somehow, paddling a Little Wing almost seems like cheating by being able to handle almost any situation on the water without having to learn traditional paddling skills.

I posted a review on paddling.net about two weeks ago, and will send my complete review with photos by request.