Washing drysuit / tech wash question

I want to wash my drysuit with Tech Wash. Stohlquist says NO to machine washing, so hand washing in a muck bucket is the way I’ll have to go. My question: How much Tech Wash to use? The label says 1.7 ounces per item, but is there a ratio per gallon of water? Probably will have approx 15 gallons in the bucket. Thanks!

Do they say “No” to front load machine, too?

Yep, no machine washing at all.

Bathtub is easier if you have one. I put a few inches water and filled the whole cap. Seemed to work… Main thing is to rinse very well with a change or two of fresh water.

Product Care

When washing, always follow sewn-in care instructions. With dry suits and dry tops Kokatat recommends using cold water, delicate cycle, gentle liquid soap, with no bleach or harsh chemicals, and high water volume, in a front loading machine. Rinse well (which may mean running it through a second time, inside out with no soap OR use a cold shower). Line dry.

This is from The Kokatat site on drysuit washing, I realize that you don’t have a Kokatat, but thought this might be nice to include as info for others reading this thread.


I use either half a bottle per dry suit or the full bottle when l do the wash in a tub. My recollection from last fall is that l could figure out which from the bottle instructions. I think the last time l got the stuff was what they had at EMS.

I also wash the dry top and pack light cags, but may use less soap for those. Hence my inability to remember the quantity. Obviously l have not done it so far this paddling season…

I consider a drysuit the equivalent of two garments: drytop and drypants. Therefore, I double the dosage.

Hey VACaver, Not really a reply, but I am interested in your opinions on the Dagger Zydeco vs the Dagger Katana 9.7 from what I can see you own both. Wonder which you prefer for small creeks with moving water, small rapids, nothing more than class 2.

The Zydeco is a great boat for easy creeks, but I prefer my Katana. It’s nice having the storage space in the back, and the ability to raise the skeg for a little more technical paddling.

I find this part of their instructions odd, since front loaders set the water level automatically based on the load size. At least the two I’ve owned do. But, I’ve never had a problem. I definitely do an extra rinse cycle.

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The garment manufacture is just covering all the possibilities. The delicate setting also increases the amount of water. It is just that different machines are labeled different ways, there are no hard and fast rules.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve been looking for a Zydeco but have not been able to find one locally. I did find a good deal on a Katana ($600) I’ve only used a couple of times on small creeks and rivers. I found it a bit slow and that it kinda plows through the water. How does the Zydeco track on flat water? I mainly do small creeks and rivers, mostly fast moving but generally pretty tame, mostly less than class 1 and just a few areas of easy class 2. Do you think the Zydeco would be up for it

The Zydeco 9 (which is what I have) tracks well on flat water and handles Class 2 easily. It’s a fun boat to paddle, but I prefer my Katana.