Washington State Kayak Rentals

Heading to Washington State mid September. We’ve booked a couple day paddles a few days apart to allow for the inevitable typhoon (which generally accompanies our travels.) But on the off chance of moderately good weather I’m hoping to collect names of kayak rental locations, places we could paddle if the day looked nice. Since we’re in a rental car as well, I’d prefer rental places with direct access to water; preferably bays rather than lakes; rural rather than city; beaches and cliffs rather than marsh. I’m thinking roughly Port Angeles to Anacortes. So far I’ve found Northwest Outdoor Center on Lake Union, back of beyond exploration on Bainbridge Island. on-the-water in Renton, and Paddle Club Seattle. Any others; preferences, must see sites or suggestions?? Thanks!

Port Gamble a historic mill town. 1hr from Seattle + ferry


Port Angeles. The freshwater bay area is really beautiful. 2.5 hrs from Seattle + ferry


Anacortes, 90 mins N of seattle


Friday Harbor,SJI Ferry from Anacortes


That time of year is typically dry. I did a San Juan islands circumnav last sept. over a long weekend and not a cloud in the sky.

Add one more
Nick beat me to it with the Port Angeles and Anacortes suggestions, but there’s also a rental op right on the beach at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend. I don’t know if they’ll rent from there after summer, so call them to find out. They are run by PT Outdoors, which used to have a shop in the downtown area. That old location is now occupied by Osprey Tours, which supposedly offers tours in handmade baidarkas. However, I don’t know if they’re up and running yet. The phone number was not activated when I called them.

Also, contact Body Boat and Blade for suggestions. I think they trained a guide who works at Anacortes. They may know of others.

Seattle options
NW outdoor center in Seattle rents right from their on-water location just north of downtown. It’s most definitely NOT rural but it’s got some nice city views. Tues nights in the summer is a sailing race on Lake Union which is fun to watch especially when a float plane comes into land to add to the chaos. I also recommend going to Ivar’s fish and chips for the dock side dining and Gasworks park and Kerry park for the city views.

Thank you!
Thanks for your suggestions! I do hope nickjc is right and we have a week of beautiful weather so we can try all these places. City views from a kayak sounds like a great option, especially with fish and chips after to make sure no calories are lost. Osprey tours; what amazing looking boats! I’m more a Euro style, but I spouse is packing his GP- he’ll want to see those.