wasn't there a cat question out here

It appears to have been deleted.

I was hoping the poster would get a kind serious answer about taking a cat out on the kayak. I also liked the reference to the story about the river cat rescue.

Knowing that there are cat haters out here I didn’t want to be the one to ask if anyone has a cat that likes to go paddling with them.

Also I’ve been paying attention to what type of dogs go paddling with their owners.

Yup, I was also

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wondering about that deletion... Must have ended up in the P-Net litterbox!
Not that my chubby orange/white tabby would set foot in a canoe, He almost passes out in the car on the way to the vet.

Fat Elmo

maybe someone got nasty
Some people really do hate cats.

I’ve met very thoughtful helpful people on pnet but I’ve also run into situations where I’ve deleted my posts.

Whoever that cat person was - there are other paddlers who love cats alive and purring.

My first Siamese went camping with us. My next Siamese used to walk on the beach with me, but now he is 16 and we live a long way from the beach.

Cats - open mind
At least trying to have an open mind.

My ex-husband had one, he never took care of cleaning up after it, feeding it, I did not feel it was my responsibility since I am allergic and the agreement was he would take care of it.

My new boyfriend has a cat, she is quiet and pretty nice, I even made a fishing pole for her (ever hear of fishing for cats - take a catnip mouse, attach to a bamboo rod via fishing line - hours of fun with the right cat.

On the other hand my true love is a 1 ounce peach-faced Lovebird named Dragon, SHE goes hiking and etc with me, likes to sit on my head and sometimes people do not realize that it’s not a hair-ornament until she lets out a loud PEEP. Dragon can fly quite well but also comes when called and generally prefers to be with her beloved human (me).

Peace to cats…but I’ll definitely keep Dragon away from the cat - on the other hand she rides on the back of my dog.

Val, in CT

In my life

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I have gone from a cat hater, to being owned by cats, thanks to my wife. At one tie we had 7 cats, that is really over the top. Imagine, you go sit down, on the couch after a long day, put you feet up, then three cats try to sit on you lap at once. Or, dinner time, in the kitchen, you open the fridge door, turn around and are surrounded by cats. They are constantly under foot, so walking is like a weird dance trying not to trip over one of them.
They are many cat stories to share, some funny, some good, some sad. Both my wife and I are looking forward to being cat free, but it will also be saddening to get there.
But a cat in a kayak, not any of the ones that I have had, ever.

Never took mine camping or boating
but once I had a new tent blessed by a cat.

I had just gotten a new TNF LunarLight, and had set it up in the livingroom. I got in to check out the space, and Selkie (RIP) walked over, looked inside, gingerly stepped over the sill, turned a couple of circles and plopped herself down in a comfortable position. I took that as an approval of the tent.

Unfortunately she was a poor judge of tents. The LunarLight had a nasty habit of leaking at the door zips and dripping onto your face. But other than that she was a good cat.


i have outdoor cats
they like to hide in my yaks on the rack. they hunt fiddler and box crabs on the edge of the marsh. i’m sure one or two of them would go with me in the canoe on the marsh but i wouldnt take them out into open water or in a yak. cats are cool, self sufficient and independent. like my womanfriend. dogs are yappy, high maintenance dependents like my x wife. HA! did i say that??!!

Did you really post something about taking cats kayaking? I thought you wuz makin’ a joke! HA!

What’s the difference…
…between a cat and a dog?

A dog looks at it’s owner and says “He feeds me, he pets me and coddles me, he gives me a warm and dry place to live. He must be a God.”

A cat looks at it’s owner and says “He feeds me, he pets me and coddles me, he gives me a warm and dry place to live. I must be a God.”



Do you take your bird paddling?
Now, that would be a hoot. Or a peep.

I take cats on an individual basis. In general, I dislike them but there are certain ones that have been the exception, and I’m sure there will be more.

There should be a leash law for outdoor cats just as there is for dogs, though! People who fret about someone killing their cat should think about that before they let them run loose, which usually means taking up residence on someone else’s property and killing wildlife, spraying tomcat piss on everything, yowling, and dropping VERY unwanted kittens. Loose cats are every bit as nasty as loose dogs.

If anyone will pay for shipping…
…I’d be more than happy to send them my neighbor’s cats. They haunt my back yard, which they use for a crapper. The one time I trapped one and took it to the pound, she had reclaimed it within 2 days at a cost of $30-something. Led to a very unpleasant interchange. I was told that I’M the bad neighbor. If I have to do it again, the cat won’t be going to the pound.

I had some concept of bird intelligence and the bonds they can form with humans, but I had no idea a bird could be trained to “off leash” level. That’s amazing.

Some of the intelligence and behavioral patterns displayed by varieties of birds is astounding. I’ve even heard of a blackbird shocking scientists by innovating tool use to retrieve food. They put food down a tube and the blackbird figured out on her own how to take a stick and fish it out. Then her male partner watched her and figured out how to do it. Amazing.

Tell me, I have seen with parrots a tendency of jealousy towards those “stealing” attention from the primary care taker. Does your Lovebird tend to get jealous of suitors and act agressively at all?

I’ve got 5 and none want to paddle
however; as a kid I remember these two mitty foots (orange …i remember that)who’s follow the families boxer dogs right off the end of the dock and then merrily swim back up in Windmill Point (ontario Canada)

'Course, I also have a black lab that …steps over or walks around…rain puddles.

I told my wife she couldn’t have a cat
I told my wife she couldn’t have “A” cat. And she listened! She didn’t get “A” cat. She got TWO cats!

Seriously, this is the second time this has happened. If you’re troubled by a cat being under foot all the time, and looking for attention, then get two! They entertain themselves and are far less trouble than owning just one.

In all the years of owning cats, or being owned by them, I never got one into a boat. Don’t think I’ll ever have the nerve to try it either, considering the bathtub incident.

Years ago, I was preparing a bath for my son. Looking at the water, I thought it would be funny to toss one of the cats into the bathtub. Bad idea. It jumped out of the tub and ran out the door. Unfortunately, I was standing between the tub and the door. The cat jumped on my leg, ran up my chest, over my shoulder, and down my back! Had claw marks all over for days, and boy did they get red and sore!

I guess cats and water don’t mix!

Maine Coon Cats maybe
I’m not sure I’d count on the swimming part, but there seem to be a few more cats similar to this breed that don’t mind being wet than most others.

I’ve only heard of a couple swimming Siamese in my life.

However, I don’t think that cats and kayaks are a mix. If they do come out of the boat most won’t hang around on shore waiting for you to get there like a dog - they’ll do the smarter thing for survival and find a place to hide in the woods.

Yep,had a cat…
that might of gone paddling with me. I was into motorcycles at the time,and he loved to ride with me. Lash a carrier on the back,plop him in and away we went. If I parked the bike on the front porch, he would stare ,and cry at the bike from the window on the porch. Have a picture of him sitting on the seat of the bike with his front paws on the tank wanting to go riding. He showed no fear of anything,and even loved being sprayed with a garden hose when it was hot outside.Later we had a canoe,but he had passed by then,so I will never know,but he was my bud,and probably would have gone paddling. The cat we have now is scared of her own shadow,and doesn’t even play with anything. Take her out of the house and you get mauled.Still looking for a paddling cat.

Happy “Cat” Paddling billinpa

I have a cat,

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have had them all my life, but my cat is an indoor cat, as it should be. Outdoor cats in Alaska last about as long as a 6 pack of beer at a Superbowl party. I would never take him paddling. I let him out once, on a leash and harness, and he broke through the window screen trying to get back in. He's content with staying inside, getting silly with his catnip, and attacking the animals on the Discovery Channel HDTV programs. Now, -that- is a riot to watch!

Cats are cool, well, at least all the ones I've ever had. I'm a sucker for big ol' orange tabby cats. Better than those damn yappy punt dogs. If you're going to have a dog...get a REAL one.

Same here
Every year somebody “forgets” to get their breeder spayed or neutered, and then suddenly there are 6 more little breeders that they also “forget” to spay or neuter. They can never find homes for all of these oopses.

Do the math.

My lovebird
"Dragon" was given to me as an injured baby. About 3 weeks old, parents had killed the other 3 babies and blinded this one in one eye.

Had to take her everywhere and hand-feed every 3 hours or so. Went to work, slept in a box next to my bed…everywhere. By the time she could fly, she was used to being on my shoulder and we’ve just continued that.

She likes pretty much everyone. But she likes me best, will sit on my head or come when called. And she can fly, quite well. But comes back when I whistle. I do take her hiking a lot, she sits on the top of my ponytail. For flatwater paddling, ditto. Careful with having her out in the hot sun for a long time though, more likely to show up at a party with her on me.


My cats love my kayak
OK, so they don’t actually go paddling with me, but they love playing on it.